About Me


I am a renowned European American custom shoe designer with over forty years of experience in the field designing, repairing, restoring and improving all kinds of fabulous shoes for men, women and children. I fix zippers, belts, luggage, gloves, handbags, buckles, and other leather products and shoe accessories like laces, polishes, shoehorns, orthotic foodbeds, and waterproofing treatments. I can handle all shoe problems like broken heels, worn out soles, wrinkles, crooked seams, unsightly holes, damaged waterproofing, faded colors, or busted eyelets. I use my talent and passion to resolve challenges my clients present to me. Its all about a clean line and careful attention to details while sewing, cutting, dying, stitching, patching, sanding, polishing, sealing, shining, and mending. I believe there is always a solution to any problem weather its the right leather to match or building a heel from the very start of the look. Sewing a thread around a seam to stretching, shining, adjusting, using adhesives, nails and stitches etc its all about quality craftsmanship. I use variety of tools and products by Saphir for a unique creative mend, look, quality and performance. Its all about styles, trends, fashions, and of course new footwear fixes that keeps me updated in the shoe industry. I deliver best of customer service to all my potential clients so they can keep them coming back to me for repair work. I also keep my cost as low as possible for client satisfaction as its very important to me. I set high standards with extreme dedication to my line of work and take pride in running a professionally reputable business. I grow my business through good referrals, local walk-ins and more clients using mail order shoe repair services and I also deliver door to door for a small fee. Conveniently located on 51st and 1st avenue and open Monday to Saturday from 8am morning coffee to 6pm evening dinner. Closed on Sunday!

"Good Shoes Takes You To Good Places! Happy Walking!"